With our award-winning technology on laser 3D manufacturing, including additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing, and subtractive manufacturing (SM) or material processing, PolarOnyx provides a unique capability to customers for a variety of services such as prototyping, contract manufacturing, co-development of processes. Over the last a few years, our engineering team has developed recipes for metals such as Tungsten, stainless steels, Aluminum, Ti6Al4V, etc. and Ceramics such as YSZ, Boron Carbon, HfTaC, etc. Moreover, we have developed a series of components for extreme environment applications. Radiation shielding devices and efficient thermal exchangers are among these. Our expertise assures our customers a quick turn around with quality parts.

Please contact us for your specific needs at sale@polaronyx.com, or (984) 369-5688.

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